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Batching Plants GR

Batching plants for universal use, but specifically designed for the measuring of components for the preparation of tiles, agglomerate marble slabs, concrete and similar, for the showing area, first layer or second layer. Varying degrees of automation, from the most advanced programmable electronic weight measuring system, which includes mixes memorization, to the most simplified continuous volumetric solution for the base. Available to customer’s own specification, for specific users needs.


• Weight measuring system with minimum error tolerances using an electro mechanic or electronic programmable weighting system. With simplified volumetric solutions for the base.

• Oversize steel and high thickness plates structure. Belt components in galvanized material  using the dripping method.

• Multiple sequence weight measurement with belt suspended above the scale. Possibility of feeding 2 different mixers with different mixes.

• Execution modularity. Varying hoppers number and capacity.

• Planetary mixers of 100 to 500 litres and over. Use of continuous batching machine, for the volumetric version of the base, is also available.

• Mixer raised at optimum height, with central support, access ladder, platform and balustrade.

• Full unloading of mixture to the hopper, by hydraulic opening, which is then sent to the usage location in the requested quantities.

• High precision water measurement with litres counter, solenoid valves and impulse counter, controlled by the central electric panel.

• Separate weighting of cements, in a separate scale above the mixer, with fall in the tank of the weighted components.

• Possibility of fitting a high precision colour measuring device. When not fitted, a memory will remind the operator to carry out the operation.

• The equipment has been fitted with probes, sensor, micro-switches and whatever else is needed for maximum automation and reliability.

• Centralised control equipment in a sealed cabinet, with easily understandable controls. Real time continuous control of all functions.

• Alternative weight and volume solutions for the preparation of the base or the 2° layer.


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