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Grinding Machine Series 4000

Grinding Machine Series 4000 - Technical Features

- Modular construction from 1 to 10 operating stations, according to production and grade of wished finishing line.
- Heavy structure in  over dimensioned steel suitable to hard working request.
- Machine structure conceived for cleaning easiness , inspection and care as for the belt change.
- Conveyor belt realized in mutilayer Pvc , high resistance which runs onto plates realized in manganese steel easily
- changeable.
- Speed of adjustable belt from panel with electronic variator.
- Tile included  during the job from lateral guides in special steel.
- Head structure with double doors  for an easy substitution of abrasive stones.
- Bridge head structure with double anchorage.
- Working pressure with mechanical push with electronic continuous control.
- Power transmission from motor to grinder shaft with toothed belts without power  leakage.
- Water feeding for grinding in the middle of abrasive through the grinding shaft and also lateral water.
- Abrasives change through  fore- assembling onto aluminium disks at quick  centering.
- High speed  lifting-up and descent  of abrasive as abrasive change.
- Centred and programmable automatic lubrication.
- Loading and unloading rollers of material  in motorized work with independent variator.

- Doors and metallic protection in stainless steel
- Abrasive assembly with quick change.

Station with vertical axe spindle with speed suitable to abrasives use realized in traditional silicon carbide. With such a system the abrasives are pushed against the working material with a mechanical pressure which is constant and controlled and the abrasive weariness is compensated by an equal descent of spindle.
The functioning is automatic and the system based on the perfect holding of absorption of ammeters, which also is adjustable, does ensure excellent features.
Station with vertical axe spindle with speed suitable to diamond abrasives in ring shape.
With such a system , the diamond disk is positioned for working at wished level and the same ring does work locked in chosen position: from time to time, the level is corrected as to recover the tool weariness which in a short time is, by the way, non significant.
The position is manual along with a level visualizer.
It is possible to have stations with vertical axes with two speeds suitable both for traditional abrasives than for diamond tools.
If required, we can supply holding stones disks for the use of segments, “Frankfurt” type.

- Electronic and electric equipment in tinned box assembled at machine board on anti- vibrating supports.
- Abrasive consumption reading with level visualizer and acoustic alarm.
- Ammer absorption reading of each motor.
- Working pressure adjustment of each station for traditional abrasives and positioners with level visualizer for diamond
- tools.
- Belt speed reading.
- Push buttons and indicators of  safety functions and devices.

- Machine start up in automatic sequence
- Automatic approach of abrasives to working materials
- Automatic upstroke of spindle at worn out abrasive
- Visualization on display of main working data and production.
- Indication on display of messages which underline defects in order to identify the cause.

- Useful working width  830 mm (up to size 400 mm in double line; 800 mm in single line)
- Working material thickness  from 15 up to 60 mm
- Diamond disk diameter: 900 mm
- Silicon carbide diameter: 900 mm
- Belt width: 950 mm
- Belt speed: from 1 to 7 mtrs/ min
- Maximum head power : 100 HP


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