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Linear S Plant

LINEAR S PLANT - Technical Features

Automatic plant for material handling, designed and manufactured to automate the process of extraction from the press and feed to subsequent operations.
With the LINEAR plant, tiles are stored and cured horizontally on self-supporting pallets.
The LINEAR plant is the latest innovation in our pallet- handling plant line. We have been producing pallet since 1968 , with a production count of over 200 units to date and a continuous process of quality and performance refinement.
In addiction to standard manufacturing process ( in 7 sections, a single machine loading and unloading) , it is possible to arrange the system in different ways ( for instance, to use independent machines for loading/unloading, or to add buffer zones or other solutions), making the product customizable to specific client needs.
The feature shared by LINEAR models is the horizontal stacking and curing process, which guarantees the following:
• Reliable output of tiles prepared with multiple – cavity moulds
• Horizontal curing process results in higher quality and no defects
• The ability to produce low-thickness output
• The ability to cure with an upward-facing 1st layer
The Linear plant can be easily paired with different presses without significant tailoring, regardless of press production technology.
The area required for installation is particularly contained thanks to extremely compact dimensions of the plant.
The LINEAR allows for an optimal use of pallets, reducing the number required, thanks to a programmable robotic arm which allows multiple layering (without superimposition). For this reason, the pallets are prepared according to customer needs and sized according to loads, based on the press and tile format and thickness.
The LINER lines are a marriage of extremely robust and reliable precision mechanics and innovative programmable electrical and electronic systems.

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