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According to unanimous approval of main operators of the filed, CASSANI COMPANY is considered as the worldly Leader at global level in the production of Grinders for tiles and concrete slabs. 

Our history begins in far 1904, when His creator, Mr. Carlo Cassani, who - at the time was a floor grinder -, created the first mobile Grinding machine for floors which marked a technological revolution whose main features are till nowadays still present onto this kind of machines . Since then, CASSANI COMPANY has been increasing its staff of research, which till nowadays still represents a matter of pride and which has realized advanced constructions which have been inspirations for the competitors throughout the years.

CASSANI COMPANY, always in the forefront for innovation
In 1964, in absolute preview, did introduce the model 64/600, the first linear Grinding machine which would make a revolution in the technology of the filed. Since then, our Company has been producing (1.200 linear Grinding machines), and by ourselves we do produce ( 50 units per year) more units than all the others built in the rest of world.
We therefore proudly do state that among our customers we have the most important producers in the world of this field.
Quality, strength, power, reliability, production, time lasting, these are our inspiring ideas, but our main force is the continuous renew and increase of all our constructions on the bases of so many feed- backs which do come from customers who have bought every year a lot of units we have sold every year and which has been used all over the world.