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Palletisers series PP 95

The palletisers in the PP series are automatic machines designed to form packets of tiles, placing them in a horizontal position on wooden pallets of a variety of sizes and piling them in several layers up to an ideal height which can be programmed.
These machines are conceived with safe and reliable technical solutions devised to guarantee excellent performance levels over time, even in the absence of particular resources for support and maintenance which is often the case for sophisticated devices.
Another prerogative of these machines are their performance levels. The part capacity in a unit of time make them suited to absorb the production of lines based on large presses and they are the only reliable solution when dealing with small tiles.

The machine comprises the following:
- the first 90° diverter
- a multiple power unit driven conveyor belt
- the second 90° diverter with roller table and compactor
- a suction plane fitted on a travelling crane
- an empty pallet feeder
- a mechanical conveyor belt for pallets being formed and formed
- electrical/electronic equipment.

The tiles fed into the machine in single or multiple rows are conveyed through the various components of the machine, deviated, accelerated, stopped and positioned appropriately to form a layer of tiles. This layer, the size of which can be programmed, will become the packet, via the traverse and overlaying movements carried out by the suction plane. The entire process is controlled by a fully-automated programmable Siemens PLC.

The machine can be fitted with the following main accessories:
1 – Tipping unit controlled from the electrical control panel with programmable on/off function, capable of tipping a specific number of parts, allowing the same number to move on to the subsequent phase to achieve the “face to face” positioning of tiles in the packet.
2 – Rejection line to remove tiles not suitable for palletising at the touch of a button.
3 - Alternate rotation of the suction plane to compensate for the wedge of non-calibrated tiles.
4 – Plastic film wrapping unit, to be fitted on the final conveyor belt, to strengthen the packet.


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