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Automatic Rotary Press CCP 672

Automatic Rotary Press with 7 stations  mod. CCP 672 for  the production of  mono and double layer tiles by pressing process in hermetic molds.

• In the first station, the molds that are under vibration are loaded with the mixture by means of a doser.
• In the second station, the mixture is vibrated. It is possible the use of an added spreading plunger.
• In the third station, the mixture is further vibrated.
• In the fourth station, by means of a suitable loading device, the mold is filled with the second semi-dry layer.
• In the fifth station, the first pressing process with reduced pressure takes place.
• In the sixth station, the main pressing process with high pressure takes place.
• In the seventh station, the material is taken off from the mold and, by means of an extractor saddle, is placed in position to be picked up.

Machine with 7 working stations, suitable for the production of double-layer tiles in agglomerated cement, for the use in indoor and outdoor environments, with different sizes according to the used molds. In the standard version with the possibility to get thickness up to 80mm. On request, also 100mm. 

Equipped with:
- High resistance electro-welded steel structure, composed of an upper beam and a lower base connected together by 3 columns in alloyed steel of large diameter.
- Main pressing cylinder in certified steel.
- Pre-pressing cylinder placed on the wall of the beam in high resistance steel.
- Table composed of 7 sectors mechanically assembled at high precision to ensure perfect centering of the table.
- Hydraulic system for centering the table in the working position by means of a centering piston.
- Asynchronous motor and gearbox controlled by Inverter, pinion and gear, for the rotation of the table with accelerations and smooth braking and precise stops.
- Automatic gear lubrication, rotation of table and cylinders, mold lifting.
- Hydraulic demolding device with variable stroke to suit the different characteristics of the products.
- Electric vibrators in all the stations, active on 3 stations during the work. Adjustable vibration intensity by Inverter with “touch screen” panel.
- Independent hydraulic gear case projected for a 250 bar power/pressure to feed: Pre-pressing cylinder, main pressing cylinder, cylinder for demolding process and table centering device.
- Pneumatic control unit on the machine.
- Automatic loader for loading the second semi-dry layer. Unit driven by an motor/rod - handle geared motor. Pneumatic adjustment of the screed to clean the surface of the mold.
- Adjustable screed for cleaning the molds between the first and second pressing process.
- Extraction device composed by a structure where are placed the rectified linear guides, on which a saddle equipped with a collection plate slides. This saddle, driven under the mold, collects all the material extracted from the de-molding device.The movement of the saddle is ensured by a gear motor driven by inverter with pneumatic piston, which brings the plate close to the tile for a perfect demoulding, with smooth movements, adjustable per means of a touch screen panel.
- Cleaning device of the plate of the extracting saddle and the bottom of the molds with airflow.
- Touch panel with 15” screen for the management, control and adjustment for all the functions of the Press.
- Centralized electrical equipment which contains all the devices for the power, as well as the programmable PLC for the management of the logic of operations.
- Pneumatic opening and closing of the molds.
- Possible execution of the Press with clockwise or anticlockwise rotation

For the dosing and filling of the molds with the 1st layer mixture.
Equipped with planetary mixer to keep the mixture stirred, equipped with an independent oleo- dynamic unit and its own electrical equipment.
The whole Doser is mounted on a column so that it can rotate it in an optimal position for the cleaning operation. Hydraulic closing and opening of the bottom. Adjustable dosing bushes to vary the mixture volume.

- Plunging vibrator with or without oscillation.
- Loader for second layer with double scraper.
- Cup elevator for the recovery of semi-dry mixture which is in excess from the second layer loader.
- Possibility to deactivate the work of one or more molds.
- Tele assistance by telephone or network to detect faults or to modify programs.
- Possibility to supply the 2nd layer loaders with pressers or with belt that level the amount of material in the molds in order to eliminate the “wedge“ effect or with a loading belt to determine the height of the product regardless of the thickness for the mold shirts.